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L’Hôtellerie-Restauration – 02 Avril 2019

Lorsqu’une personne est atteinte du virus et que ses poumons sont attaqués, on changera radicalement son alimentation. La cuisine du vivant recommandée en prévention, ne peut donc plus être pratiquée en l’état. C’est trop tard et cela pourrait même aggraver les choses. Emilie FELIX, fondatrice de WAYO, académie culinaire de diététique et cuisine japonaise, propose des régimes alimentaires adaptés en s’inspirant des traditions sino-japonaises.(…)

MRS – November 2018

To celebrate the event Japonsims 2018: souls in resonance, the Kyoto-based magazine, MRS, followed me to my home in Paris. The article retraces my journey, meetings, readings and travels, and tells of the origins of the WAYO project.

L’Hôtellerie-Restauration – 27th March 2020

Today, most of us are in isolation, perhaps with children at home, and with professional concerns, so how can we act to stay on top? More than ever before, we need maximum vitality to resist attacks and infections, and to calm our minds. Emilie Felix, founder of WAYO, culinary school of dietetics and Japanese cuisine, recommends revitalising yourself by drawing inspiration from East Asian traditions.

L’Hôtellerie-Restauration – March 2019

Traditional Japanese cuisine is renowned for being balanced and healthy. The diet contributes to the longevity of Japan’s population. The most well-known example is of “Okinawa Island”, known for its high numbers of strong and healthy centenarians. The way of eating and the principles that surround meals also contribute to making Japanese diets a nutritional example. For Emilie Felix-Getz, trained in these practices, the Japanese culinary art provides fresh perspectives to French cuisine that she illustrates in three points: this traditional diet guides the balance of meals, its gestures and tools change and enrich our culinary practice, and its relationship with living is a source of inspiration. (…)