Show-and-sell – ceramics and objects

Véronique MAURY – France

It was at a Nodate野 点 (an open air tea ceremony) that I first crossed paths with Véronique. Her ceramics, which accompanied our meals in the Vercors natural park, instantly convinced me that my project could not go ahead without them. From there, a discussion on the pottery and the form followed(/will follow) to develop these unique pieces with the irregular grey enamel evoking the moon’s energy, that I love so much. I made it my favourite plate at home, like a bowl that will follow me everywhere, in all times and places.

Patricia VIELJEUX – France

Patricia seems to indulge a little more in each of her pieces. Discreet and silent in personality, she’s intriguing. There is a secret language to her work…written more than spoken. Her forms are symbols and their subjects are profound. There are wines that give multiple readings and Patricia’s ceramics do this too. Each pattern gives light to a spiritual dimension and becomes beautiful when simply applied to one of her plates. This is the magic of this great ceramic artist who inspires so many others, bringing out the work of the chef simply by being present.

Manon CLOUZEAU – France

Manon, like the heroine of a novel, captures your attention as soon as you meet her. At her core, she enchants the world of the bowl with her softness and her poetic outlook on the world. For my sakés, I couldn’t find a better setting. The magic of tea populates her world and she is without a doubt one of my most Japanese ceramic artists. I can spend hours contemplating her bowls, and I taste differently after doing so. She is who inspired the saké ceremony that I am developing.

Helena BRIZIDO – Portugal

I had made a vow to only choose French ceramic artists and then I met Helena…In this sublime Japanese restaurant at the crossroads of Portugese flavours, MIDORI in Sintra, the chef gave me a gift: he gave me the name of his ceramicist. I was literally in shock. Who is it? Who made this bowl, and this plate, and this cup…I must know…In her workshop in Estoril, Helena greets me and I am happy. She agrees to make me some pieces and send them to me in Paris. They are works of art, there is the foam of the sea, the mother-of-pearl shells, the skin of a ray, the chalk of the cliffs and the sand of the beaches…all in a bowl.

Dorothée PICARD – France

Dorothy was love at first sight for me. From her porcelain moulded on ancient vegetables to her cups, plates and vases in chamotte earth, contrasting the rough against the crystalline interior glaze, I found everything was to my taste. You can sense the energy of Earth, Fire, Water and Metal in her work; a glint of iron oxide is sometimes used, giving a sparkle to the piece all while remaining modest, like the creator, a beautiful person of great talent.

Barbara LORMELLE – France

She works with porcelain beautifully, patiently bringing sculpted landscapes to life in the material. From the skies of Hokusai to the alleys of Tokyo, her teacups invite you to escape. Barbara also has an immense talent for enamelling her forms with clean lines. The colours seem to be produced by nature itself, reminding me of nights in Hiroshige. Like the great wines that I have had to chance to taste, touching her work transports you. There is precision, genuine beauty and a soul behind each piece produced.

Anne DRUGEON – France

Here is a young ceramist that we must follow closely…Anna has the freshness of young spring roots and this is felt in her work. Attracted by her sketches on porcelain (acquired on one of her trips to Japan), I also noticed her style of enamelling which reminded me of a ceramic artist from Takayama, whom I really like. So I placed an order for some cups and the result exceeded all my expectations. She also makes delicate and unique pieces of jewellery, sometimes incorporating gold.