WAYŌ Philosophy


Passionate about cuisine and its approval, I have long sought a balanced path that would bring together pleasure and vitality, accuracy and harmony, freedom and respect for the Earth.

It is in Asia that I found it and, more precisely, in Japan.

Regardless of your budget, where you find yourself and of how much time you have, this traditional diet, that originated in China, will lead you towards happy and content longevity.

Dietetics, as you can imagine, will not work miracles, however. One only has to study the Okinawa regime where their population of centenarians is among the highest in the world, to realise this. Alongside diet, it is also necessary to adopt a philosophy of life that corresponds to it: a kind social life and physical exercise…

Behind the WAYŌ 和洋 project, there is the desire to share this oriental path, here, in France.

Experiment, practice and even study the balance of traditional dietetics, through cooking, tableware and the posture of the diner… but also through the buyer, the hunter-gatherer who resides in each of us, this is the project we are proposing to you.


WA 和 in Japan symbolises harmony and inner peace – guiding decision-making. WA also represents Japan.
YŌ 洋 symbolises the Western world, suggesting a way of life, representing worldly things.

WAYŌ, literally defined as “in the Japanese way”, encompasses the link between Japan and the West, their exchange and the harmony between the two.

Founder of WAYŌ