Introductory Workshops

In Asia, it is said that the pharmacy is at home, and I would add more specifically that it is in the kitchen. Indeed, health practices, listening to your body and nutrition all play a key role in well-being and living a long life.

Taught and passed on from generation to generation, from a very young age, traditional Japanese dietetics is an ancient disciple which allows humans to independently practice “the art of living long”. It can, if required, be supplemented with other disciplines including acupuncture, manual medicine (shiatsu), pharmacopoeia, gymnastics (kikô) or moxibustion (kyû).

In order to enjoy a long and peaceful life, everyone is therefore expected to learn the art of caring for and nourishing themselves and, of course, how to put this into practice.

As Sun Si Miao, a great Chinese doctor (581-682) liked to recall: “He who does not know how to eat, does not know how to live”. In order to live for a long time, you have to learn to take care of yourself.

Our cooking and traditional dietetics workshops require no previous level of culinary or oenological knowledge. Our workshops can cover the following subjects:

  • Introduction to traditional oriental dietetics
  • Holistic cuisine using the 5 elements
  • The yoga of nutrition
  • Cooking in the style of Sainte Hildegarde de Bingen
  • Culinary pharmacopoeia, the art of bringing simplicity into healthy cooking
  • Nutri-therapeutic cooking (for anti-aging, slimming, physical and mental performance, specialist diets for women, special diets, etc.)
  • The creation and cooking of medicinal foods (miso, ginger, sansho pepper…)
  • The thread of life…discover Shojin Ryori: Zen vegan cuisine from the temples of Japan
  • The thread of life…discover Shojin Ryori: Zen vegan cuisine from the temples of Japan
  • Cooking without waste, using each ingredient as a resource
  • Nutrition and digestion, the secrets of postprandial vitality
  • Saké tasting and introductions
  • Harmony at the table: selecting the wine best suited to your meal and learning how to best highlight it

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